Behavior Problems

I hadn't even thought of addressing the situation of homeschooling because of behavior problems.

I had a lady approach me, recently, about homeschooling because her son got expelled from school. You know, that just isn't the most ideal situation; to be thrown into hsing when you weren't planning on doing it. I can see how mom's could feel so overwhelmed by the mere thought of this. This woman was desperate.

This child has been told by all kinds of people that he is bad, he isn't wanted and he's no good because he is always getting into trouble. I told her that, first (she's already prayed), she needs to pour positives all over that child. Make a list of everything positive that she could possibly say to him and keep it somewhere safe. Check it every couple of hours and start saying those things to him. If she is so angry that she can't say anything positive, just say, "God loves you." That is true no matter what the child has done and needs to be said over and over.

They say that for every insult you have to say 10 positives. If your child has been given back to you because of behavior problems, take a deep breath every time you let it out, let out a positive comment. It's going to be hard especially if your child has done something terrible. If it is hard, remember that God loves him AND you!


Sally Boone said...

Depending on the state laws, if a child is expelled, the school system is still responsible for educating the child. The mom should check into the state laws. Usually alternative programs are offered after school hours or in locations off the school site. Interesting post!

I really like your header. Kris had to help me with mine but I used yours as a model. Thanks!

Latte Lady said...

Yes, I'm sure in some states the laws differ than they do here. The laws in our state don't require much and a parent can take on full responsibility for the education of their child.


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