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Learning Hebrew really isn't difficult!  I've learned enough to make a living selling Hebrew jewelry.
(More about my business below the FREE Hebrew links.)

My suggestion:  
Pick a workbook, lessons or PDF and then pick an interactive site and get started!
(If any of these links are out of date, please leave a comment and let me know! Thanks.)

Hebrew for kids

Hebrew Worksheets for children

Hebrew Worksheets for children

Learn Hebrew - Interactive pictures/words

Aleph Bet on the Net - Interactive Site

Learn Hebrew with cartoons! - Interactive Site

Hebrew Conversational Guide - easy format (PDF)

Learn Hebrew Workbook - PDF

Learn Biblical Hebrew - online resource

Chapter-by-Chapter MP3 Recordings of the Hebrew Bible

Hebrew Readings - devotional reading or practice - calendar for weekly Torah and Haftorah reading - commentaries

Hebrew Handbook - PDF

Ancient Hebrew Workbook - PDF

Hebrew Conversational Guide - PDF (I like this one)

Learn Hebrew Flashcards

Basics of Biblical Hebrew - PDF

Hebrew Roots Bible - PDF

Here are some samples of Hebrew jewelry that I make.  
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Jewelry by Janet Powers
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Hebrew workbook
Hebrew lessons
Hebrew for children
Free Hebrew for Kids


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