Free online art classes - Older kids, teens, and adults

Art is a subject that is often neglected or totally avoided in homeschools, especially once coloring books have been put away.

I have a special place in my home for art, a whole studio actually! I make a living selling art! (More about that below the free links!)

If your child or teen shows any interest in art, I will encourage you to explore some of the free online art lesson links that I have provided.

Even in this age of technology, art is still necessary.  Commercials, graphics, signs, logos... all take an artist to make them come about.  My son (16) is totally into motion graphics and adding special effects to videos, and even that takes an art mind.

Here are some helpful links for free art lessons, videos, and tutorials.

The Virtual Instructor ~ Free online art lessons
Acrylic Painting
Watercolor Painting
Creating a Focal Point

Art Factory ~ Free online art lessons
Art Lessons
Design Lessons

Paint Basket ~ Free online art lessons videos

How to Draw and Paint Videos

Check out my studio!
These are my supplies to make jewelry.
(That's what I do for a living.)

This is the corner where I paint and scrapbook.

Come see my shop!
Everything Beautiful

photo credit: Kalexanderson via photopin cc

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