Multiplication HELP!

At one point in our hsing journey, Double Espresso had a problem "getting" multiplication. I stuck to it and tried not to fret. We took breaks at different points and hit it hard other times. These are some of the things that we used.

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Of course, we used good ole flash cards. You can print them here.

Multiplication.com (Times Attack and games)

The Math Worksheet Site

Wrap Ups

Math Songs

Another method that may work well if your child is musical or likes rhyming is Times Tales.

Encouragement: If your child is having problems memorizing the multiplication tables, or even addition, pick a method that works well and stick with it. Patience is the key. Lots of patience!


H-Mama said...

Good Advice!! :)

Thanks for the compliments. I didn't officially study photography, but have read up on it quite a bit. I did photography on the side quite a bit, but found that I spent too much time in editing for the money made. I needed to put my effort in the girls. Homeschooling can be a full time job in and of itself. So... I just have fun taking pix of the girls (friends & family when asked too). :)

Ruralmama said...

Thankfully we're not *quite* to multiplication yet. But it's coming....soon.
Actually the hubby and I were just discussing multiplication the other day and the difference in the way we learned how to do it: for me it's all memorization, for him it's a completely different method that I don't fully understand. But they both work, so hopefully my kids can nab onto one method or the other. Good links!

topsytechie said...

LOVED Times Tales...it was perfect for my visual kiddo. What surprises me about the multiplication facts is how easy they are to forget. Even my 9th grader can really lose ground and forget them over summer break, etc.

I love your book and map widgets...great additions!

Healthy Mama said...

We've used Times Tales and Timez Attack, and I have to say the Timez Attack game was a huge hit at our house. We're the only family for miles around (just ask my kids!) without a Wii or some other video game contraption, so playing a "real" video game on the computer was a big draw for my kids. Can't go wrong with that!

lindaslongview said...

I am so glad that world finally made good multiplication games, because multiplication tables are hard to memorize. I wished I had had them.

As an engineer I need to know these values all the time, but even today they still don't stick effectively. The good news is that I have good coping strategies -- I can figure them out really fast. Six: I use the values of dozens that I have memorized (which many people do), it is pretty easy to halve those values. For example, two dozen = 24 = 4x6, four dozen = 48 = 8x6, and so on. To get those in-betweens, add or subtract 6. Seven's are easy because they are the increments of weeks (and American football goals) which I have memorized (but stored in a "different" location): 7, 14, 21, 28, 35 -- if you don't have the number of days in 6, 7, 8, 9 weeks, double the smaller ones and then add or subtract 7 as needed.

Never fret -- just get a good strategy to calculate them fast if memorization just doesn't work for some of them. :)

Latte said...

wrap ups helped us


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