School At Home

Definition from homeschool.com: "School-at-home is the style most often portrayed in the media because it is so easy to understand and can be accompanied by a photo of children studying around the kitchen table. This is also the most expensive method and the style with the highest burnout rate. Most families who follow the school-at-home approach purchase a boxed curriculum that comes with textbooks, study schedules, grades, and record keeping."

If you are considering the school at home approach, please read and investigate the other approaches as well. It is a known fact that school at home has the highest burnout rate. I can testify to that as I almost burned-out using it!

After investigating, if school at home is the style that you have decided is best for your family, here are some great resources for you: Abeka, Switched On Schoolhouse, Alpha Omega Lifepacks, Bob Jones Academy, The Grace Academy, Time4Learning


topsytechie said...

Enjoyed stopping by your blog! What creates all that extra space between paragraphs? Is that just something that happens in this theme? You might want to keep to a single space between paragraphs instead of double. Your header and sidebar are really taking shape. Congrats!!

Latte Lady said...

Thanks Topsy! I fixed it. I think it is just something that happends but I can fix it.

Ann said...

Thank you for your idea about "unit studies" - that is probably what I am looking for, since we want to basically do school all around the history we will be finding in our new hometown! Colonization, Revolutionary war, Civil war, it's all there. I will definately look into that program!

Latte Lady said...

You're so welcom, Ann! The unit study that I am doing is called Learning Adventures and is for 4th-8th grade. If your children are only slightly younger, you still may be able to swing it. I'm sure there are many unit studies to choose from. I will be posting on that soon.


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