Field Trip to Chicago

The 2 Espressos technically finished school last Friday but we continue with some things through the summer. (I'm not into wasting my time with review.) Today we went on a field trip to downtown Chicago. It was an overcast/cool day but we had such a nice time together. I told Espresso, "Aren't you glad that you have such a nice mom and dad who homeschool you? You could be sitting at a desk right now waiting for your last 10 minutes to end so that you can go home! Instead, you are downtown Chicago learning and seeing life!"

It really was a good day to see life. The boys got to see where we have been going to feed the poor and homeless. They saw a mentally disturbed man sitting on a sidewalk talking to himself. We talked to a homeless lady who was working for a Christian mission. The two "unsocialized homeschoolers" had conversations with complete strangers at a skate park downtown. (They really aren't unsocialized but that's what people like to say about hsers.) They saw run down buildings and million dollar condos just a mile from each other.
We asked them, "What did you learn today?" Double Espresso said, "To encourage others like that skater did to me." Espresso said, "Don't look down on others."

Espresso has never been to Wrigley so we made a stop there.

Double Espresso and Dream Latte with their "colors".

Dream Latte and I in front of Buckingham Fountain.

The 2 Espressos / Sears Tower in background

Espresso at skate park

Double Espresso at skate park


Raising Olives said...

I love homeschooling exactly for days like this, among many, many other things. There are things more important than academics.

From one homeschooler who is working on educating the 9 homeschoolers with which God has blessed me.


Jan Mader said...

Who says homeschool kids aren't socialized?! You do a mighty fine job!

Also, I laughed my head off at your boxer/pregnancy story. I needed that laugh...thank you so much!!!!


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