Field Trip

In another post, I mentioned that we have been taking a boy from church with us on our weekly trips. Last week, we went to another park. This one was in Valparaiso, Indiana. It was so beautiful! If you live in the Chicagoland area, it's not too far of a trip.
First, we had lunch in a beautiful gazebo with a fireplace.
(Of course, we didn't NEED the fireplace right then!)

Off to the climbing wall! "K" had to be coached. This just isn't his kind of thing. But, that's ok! He did great!

This IS right up Espresso's alley! He was up and over in no time. Not only that, but he did an awesome job coaching "K" and helping him to pull himself up to his next peg.

Ooooh, paddle boats! Paddle boats! Can we rent one mom? "K" had are hard time with this one. He was frightened, at first, to walk on the dock then he had to step down into the boat. He was afraid that he may drown. Once he saw that all was well and he remained alive for a few minutes out in the middle of the lake, he said, "This is the best day of my life!" (So sweet, so innocent.)

We went for a walk in the woods on the trails. It was so beautiful! We found many activities to do along the way. We came to a balance bridge. Of course, Double Espresso lived up to his name. He wanted to run back and forth and bang each end down to the ground! "K" was finally convinced that he could stand in the middle of the bridge and not be banged around. They finally accomplished their goal and balanced the bridge with 4 people on it.

We identified poison ivy, poison oak, berries you should eat and berries you shouldn't eat. We walked down to the lake through the woods and also saw a deer. Unfortunately, he saw us too and ran! (Can't say I blame him!)

Espresso LOVES to climb up high and then jump off. He researched on youtube, how to roll when jumping off of things. Ok? Of course, he jumped off of this thing and "K" was cheering for HIM! It was so cute!

Our day was complete once we ate a small sandwich, drank more water, and had an ice cream cone from McDonald's.

Can't wait to do it again!

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Jan Mader said...

Looks like your field trip was a huge success!!!


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