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I can't wait for our homeschool to start this year. I am so looking forward to using our unit study that we started last year. We learned so much from the first few weeks of Learning Adventures and the amazing part is, the 2 Espressos still remember it! Yeah!

Using Learning Adventures allowed the Espressos to experience the topics on many different levels. Reading, writing, science experiments, library excursions and worksheets are just a few of the things that has helped them to retain what they learned.

Of course, we will be using all kinds of neat curriculums this year. We will be focusing on writing with Writing Strands level 3 & 4 and Jan Mader has some fun and simple activities going on at her blog. I am reviewing The Quarter Mile Math. This is a math practice CD Rom and I will be posting more about that in a couple of weeks. Another math program that I am reviewing is ALEKS math. This is an online math program and I will post on that soon, also.

For more encouragement:

The Homeschool Lounge is having a Homeschool Open House! Every person who participates gets a free gift and the first 100 get a free subscription to a homeschool magazine. They have some awesome sponsors, too! Check it out!

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