Turn the County Fair Into a Field Trip

That is just what we did!

I know some people who have gone to state fairs this year. We chose a county fair to attend in Northwest Indiana. (We've discovered many natural things to do in NW Indiana just outside the city of Chicago.)

Instead of sinking our precious resources into games and rides (we save that for the big parks like Six Flags) we go see the animals and eat a wonderfully sugary delight called the Elephant Ear. (I know it's not healthy!!)
Last year we discovered that Double Espresso speaks pig and come to find out, he still does!

I am so impressed with these Belgium horses. They are soooo tall!!

Dream Latte is about 6 foot tall and the horse isn't even standing all the way up.

Our "healthy" snack!

We got a kick out of this foaming cow! He was getting a bath and had a very slimy mouth.

Uhhh, I can? (read quote)

Espresso was there too. He just likes to take the photos like his mama.

Signing a police helicopter

Double E is also a rooster tamer!

And last but not least, we saw that the pots were called "Drop Zone" and thought that was sooo funny!

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Jan Mader said...

What a great day you must have had. Of course you know I LOVE all the photos. My favorite part of the fair is of course the animals. I really miss the time when my kids were young!

If you lived closer, I'd make sure your boys got to ride a horse anytime they wanted!


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