STUDYPOD - Make Their Work Easier!

When I received the STUDYPOD in the mail, I was instantly excited! I have wanted one of these since I took typing in highschool. (Oops, I just dated myself...) I've always wanted one of those "things" that holds your book up. I opened the box up and after looking at the easy to understand instructions, I began to use my new STUDYPOD!

Stephen Liberman the Executive Vice President of STUDYPOD/GENIO, LLC describes the it this way:

"The STUDYPOD holds a book or a study sheet up at eye-level (at a similar angle as your computer screen) and holds a book wide-open (freeing your hands for writing and typing). It seems simple, but having your work at this angle and held open significantly reduces neck and eyestrain, improves posture & breathing, and makes reading, writing and typing easier. This subtle change helps students stay focused and gets their work done faster."

The STUDYPOD is a great tool for homeschoolers, bloggers, art students, cooks, people who work from home and people in general who need to have a book open while they work.

Espresso was drawing a picture out of a book and the STUDYPOD made it so much easier for him to look at the picture. The book that he used (as you can see from the photo) was a very long book and it fit on the STUDYPOD perfectly.

*Small enough to fit into a backpack (about 6.5 in X 9 in)
*Easy to take along just about anywhere
*Can hold pencils/pens, note cards, a calculator and a small notebook
*Great for school students and art students
*Comes in 3 colors: Black, Pink, & Blue
*Price: $19.95

If you'd like to order a STUDYPOD, just type this code: TOSBLOG5 to receive $5 off your order!

See the STUDYPOD in action:


Beautiful Mess said...

I think we need one of those wonderful pieces of equipment! Thanks for sharing!

Jan Mader said...

Wow. What a good thing to have. Bet the espressos love them!


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