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HOMESCHOOL Schedule: Our "organized" Week

Kristen at We Are THAT Family has more WFMW tips on organizing just about everything!

I have organized our homeschool week. Now, for those moms who are superwoman and have always lived by a super organized schedule for your kids, good for you... but, I don't. I like a little more freedom. In that freedom, I have organized our day!

I printed the "Daily Schedule for Two Children 1" from the TOS 2009 Homeschool Planner. I put the boys names at the top and down the left side I put the days of the week. Under their names and next to the week and I put the subjects that they need to do that day.

I tried to make every day a little different. Also, I spread out all of the normal subjects like math, science, and LA and put them into Monday through Thursday. That leaves Fridays open for more creative learning and field trips. It also leaves an opening for shifting the schedule so that we can take a day off or a sick day in the middle of the week.

It works for ME and US!! Do you live by a schedule? Is it strict or a little looser? Are you a fly by the seat of your pants kind of mom/teacher?

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