There's Room At the Top For YOU!

What does that mean? It means that you can be at the top of "The Best Homeschool Mom Club" too! We took the boys on what was meant to be an AWESOME, two day field trip to Indianapolis and because of God's blessings on us, it was so much MORE!

We don't usually have the funds to go on trips like this but with God's grace, we were able to do it! A lot of what we did was free or discounted. I'll do another post on that next week. I kept telling the Espressos, "Who's got the best homeschool mom in the world?" "That's right! You do!"

Highlights of our trip:
Stayed at the Hyatt Regency downtown Indianapolis on the 15th floor
Swam in pool
Indianapolis Children's Museum for FREE
Circle Center Mall
Indianapolis Museum of Art for FREE
Pacers/Bulls game and got autographs for FREE

We learned about different parts of the world and other cultures like Egypt.
(Double Espresso isn't sad, he thought he was posing. ?)

Star Wars is a HUGE entertainment for the Espressos so we visited the Star Wars Clone Wars exhibit.

Recently, we read the story of Ann Frank. The exhibit was about children who have made a difference. This picture of Ann was made of many, many smaller photos of different people including Hitler.

Ann's Face Close Up
The Espressos checking out the barbed wire used at concentration camps.

Double Espresso is turning 13 and is on the quieter side. This place had a strange effect on him. He was immediately pulled into the exhibits and started climbing around and didn't mind his photo being taken!

Indianapolis Museum of Art

The IMA had some really impressive pieces of art!

I got this photo in on the Contemporary Art floor before I got scolded and told that I couldn't take photos on that floor. ?? She was very cranky!

Espresso is really into photography. He was able to practice some of talent at the IMA.

This painting of George Washington was among some of the great paintings we saw including some by Monet!

Last but not least, the icing on the cake! Of course the learning was fun and would have been enough, but getting autographs of their favorite players of their favorite team was the highlight and treat of the trip.

Once in a lifetime...

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Jan Mader said...

What a trip! Everyone should be able to get an education this way! The espressos are lucky boys!


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