Do Hard Things ~ The Rebelution!

The official definition of the 'rebelution' is "a teenage rebellion against low
expectations." When you look around today, our culture does not expect much of
us young people. We are not only expected to do very little that is wise or
good, but we're expected to do the opposite. Our media-saturated youth culture
is constantly reinforcing lower and lower standards and expectations.

The word 'rebelution' is a combination of the words "rebellion" and
"revolution." So it carries a sense of an uprising against social norms. But in
this case, it's not a rebellion against God-established authority, but against
the low expectations of our society. It's a refusal to be defined by our
ungodly, rebellious, and apathetic culture. Actually, we like to think of it as
rebelling against rebellion.

Read more from their website here: The Rebelution

I want to help our sons (and whoever else I can influence) to rebel against low expectations!
We plan on helping to promote the conference, volunteer and attend the conference. (Great experience for a teen!)

Coming to a city near YOU!

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Jan Mader said...

YOu know, I think kids do what we expect them to do...sooner or later. We need to model the good moral values that we expect from our children. No matter the situation, kids tend to live up to our (personal or societies) expectaions...high or low. We have a tremendous responsibility...with the help of our Lord.


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