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I received All About Spelling Level 1 and the Starter Kit to review for the TOS Crew. This is a multisensory program that does more than just teach spelling! If you combine the spelling program with the reader it can actually help you teach your child to read!

How many spelling curriculums appeal to the hands on learner? AAS uses activities for all three learning paths ~ visual, auditory and kinesthetic or hands on.

"Actively involving students in the spelling lessons through multisensory instruction like this speeds up the learning process."

Level 1 will help the student learn:
*32 phonograms
*How to hear individual sounds in words
*How to represent sounds using phonograms
*Solid spelling rules

Level 1 includes Teacher's Manual and One Student Material Packet.
Sample lesson for Level 1
Scope and Sequence of Level 1
Video explaining products

AAS has step by step lesson plans. The steps tell what the child will be learning and gives a list of materials that you will need (like phonogram cards & progress chart). Each "Step" (lesson) gives teaching tips to guide you through that level.

The Starter Kit was also given to me to review and it includes:
*Letter tiles
*Magnets for the backs of the letter tiles
*Phonogram CD-ROM

The Starter Kit will only need to be purchased once as it accompanies all 6 levels of All About Spelling.

Level 1: $29.95 (includes Teacher's Manual and Student Material Packet)
Starter Kit: $26.95 (if purchased together with Level 1 ~ if purchased separately $31.85)
Extra Student Material Packet for teaching more than 1 child: $14.95
You can order all 3 products here: All About Spelling

I really like how All About Spelling covers the 3 learning paths. This program can be used for several years with more than one child. I also like the fact that it can be used to help teach your child to read by using the readers that are sold separately. AAS can make learning to spell and read fun!

I was given All About Spelling Level 1 and the Starter Kit to review. I am not a paid reviewer.

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