Beehive Reader 1 - Review

I was given a copy of Beehive Reader 1 from All About Spelling to review. This book is adorable!  My boys are too old to use it so... maybe I'll have more children and they can enjoy it!  It's definitely a keeper.

The illustrations in this book are what catches my eye first.  They are so soft and sweet looking.  Each section that the child reads has a picture to go with it and they just draw you in.

Take a look:
Sample from: "The Nap"
The Beehive Reader is part of the new All About Reading.  It corresponds with the All About Spelling program.  (You can read my review here.)  The All About Spelling program lets you know when to use the reader.  It is phonics based and goes together wonderfully.

The stories in the reader are simple and sweet for your little beginner.  Each page has a simple sentence or two which is lightly underlined for easy reading.

From All About Spelling:
Your beginning reader will delight in finding out what happens when…
          …a busy cat lives in a windmill
          …a sleepy bear cub takes a nap
          …a grumpy duck demands a snack
          …a singing bat befriends a lonely king
          … a curious boy shrinks from tall to small
          … and much more!

You can purchase the Beehive Reader 1 at the All About Spelling website for $19.95.

All opinions are mine and I was not paid to do this review.

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