FamilyMint - Review

"Money doesn't grow on trees!"  Is that something that you heard growing up?  When you reached adulthood, did you think that getting a credit card was a right of passage and after years of abuse use, you realized that you really didn't know how to manage or budget your money?

Don't let that be your children's fate.  This doesn't have to be one of "those things that people just have to learn by making mistakes".  Your children can actuatlly learn how to manage their (God's) money without making huge money mistakes as adults.

FamilyMint is a great program that is geared to helping your child learn how to manage his money and it's FREE.  This is how it works:
  • You sign up and create an account.
  • The parent is the bank.
  • The child is able to make transactions online just like a real bank.
  • The parent actually hold on to the real money.
  • The parent has access to the account and can manage things like interest.
  • The child is able to set goals and plan out how to use his money. 
  • Parents can motivate kids by setting an interest rate or matching money in 401K.
You can read about all of the features in detail here:  FEATURES

FamilyMint is FREE for the basic level.  They are adding a pro level that with more features that will cost.

Not a paid review.

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