How do I get FREE homeschool stuff? Give a helping hand!

I am giving you all of my goodies.  If you have a resource that isn't listed, PLEASE share!

I was asked that question by one of my hs friends this week and I really didn't have a good answer.  After thinking about it for a while, I decided to put all of my resources together and tell my readers about them.

A lot of the free homeschool books and worksheets come in PDF's.  You will need a flash drive or external hard drive to save your goodies on.  You can save them on your computer but, as I learned the hard way, computers crash and you can loose EVERYTHING!  I've lost soooo many eBooks and photos because I wasn't responsible enough to back my stuff up.

The Homeschool Freebie of the Day  - gives a homeschool freebie EVERY day! 

CurrClick has a free section.  There are some really great things there.  They update it every so often so check back.

CurrClick newsletter - you can sign up for this.  It is delivered to your email and always has something for free as a download.  I believe that you can view this on their website also.

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine freebie directory - tons of freebies here in the form of downloads.  This is their freebie directory where you can "try before you buy".

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine E-Newsletters -  There are 6 newsletters that you can sign up for.  Several of them have freebies in them every month.

Econobusters - Molly Green has freebie Friday and other helpful hints all week long.

Jamin's Freebies - these come through the Old Schoolhouse also.  Jamin has plenty of freebies for homeschoolers.  I googled her and found this link to many freebies.

The Homeschool Mom - has tons, tons, tons of links for homeschool freebies.

I love schools . com  -  Register your school and find sponsors to help buy materials!

An Old-Fashioned Education - tons of free stuff.

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