Making Math More Fun & A "Giveaway"!

I am VERY impressed! (Good for children young to old!)

Are you a little bit curious about how to make math more fun?  Oh, but math is already fun!  Well, it's about to get "funner"!  (Ok, maybe I need to explore something about making grammar more fun?)

I came across Making Math More Fun and thought that this would make for some great summertime learning.  Making Math More Fun is a set of 4 eBooks full of great games to get kids' minds working and keep them working all year long.  You just print them up and you can use them immediately!

I had absolutely no doubt that these math games would be a hit at our house.  I no sooner printed them up and put them on the table and the boys were instantly drawn into the competition.  Actually making math more fun was the ultimate goal but learning to be a good winner and a good loser are also great benefits.

A lot of the games are structured in such a way that even though the boys are 2 1/2 years apart and one is much better in math, the younger one still has a chance to win.  As a homeschool mom, I really appreciate that!

These games are great for keeping math fresh in the children's minds all summer.  That is something that I want to strive for in our homeschool.

Learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, odd and even, shapes, fractions, strategic thinking, multiples, percentages, place value and much more.

Are you interested in trying these printable math games out?  There are samples of each book on the website!  You can try it for free!  Just click here and scroll down:  print math games

A little about Teresa, the author of these books:

"I am a teacher and a parent of two (now adults). 
Math has always been a favorite subject for me to teach and in my classroom I like to include math games every day.
I also like to give kids puzzles and brain teasers to get them really thinking.
I also personally love games and puzzles – board games, Sudoku, anything that gives the brain a good workout.
I have a cupboard full of board games and have collected different types of puzzles too.
I really believe that kids can learn so much by playing games (even non math games). "

I honestly can't say enough about Making Math More Fun printable math games.  I absolutely love these games and these are an invaluable resource for our homeschool!

Price includes:
  • 4 math eBooks full of games 
  • 1 eBook: Robot Reader Reading Games 
  • 1 eBook: Wiggle Wiggle Wink Wink Classroom games 
  • 1 eBook: Make Your Own Board Games
  • 1 eBook: Print and Play Games Sheets
  • 1 Mystery Gift

That's 9 eBooks (over 450 pages of games) for $27.97 and a money back guarantee!

Making Math More Fun: Printable Math Games
They have a wonderful affiliate program!

Now, who wants to WIN all 4 Math  eBooks from Making Math More Fun printable math games?  You will be getting a great treasure!

6 ways to enter giveaway ENDS:  June 23rd, 11 PM
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This was not a paid review.  All opinions are mine.


Debbie said...

I think the board games book looks the most fun.

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I follow this blog already.

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I posted about it on my poor, neglected blog! (Facebook is evil!)

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I looked around your blog and found the Aesop's Fables button! I didn't know there was an online collection.

I also love the theme to your blog...because I love coffee!

Michele said...

I like the card games book. I know my boys would love it too!

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I'm following this blog now!

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I'm a follower of your personal blog!

AStarrA said...

I think my daughter would like the card games, she into that right now

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My daughter liked the Odd and Even Tag sample

Dawn said...

Print an play game sheets look like fun. Thanks said...

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