The Ultimate Mom's Meal Planner eBook

by Wendy Young

Wow!  This planner is packed full of great help!  Recipes according to seasons, a calendar for planning meals, measurement conversion chart, deserts, and menus are just a few of the invaluable ideas in this book. 

The ULTIMATE Mom's Meal Planner is a great aid for me.  I'm not a Martha in the kitchen!  To be honest, I'd rather be studying, writing or researching.  The good thing is, I do like to plan and this book can help me to do that effectively.  Planning ahead helps save money, keeps our family eating healthy, and keeps us ahead of the game!

The summer and winter menus are broken down into 6 weeks.  Each week has a set of recipes that goes with it.  I find that very helpful.  You don't have to look the recipes up; she has it all laid out and organized for you.  Also, the recipes aren't full of strange ingredients (that's good for me since I'm not a Martha). 

Another great thing about this planner is that Wendy Young incorporates the children into the preparation of the meals.  Each meal has a helping hand logo.  Your children can help with things such as setting the table, making toast, mixing muffins, making toppings, chopping, and grating.  This is a great encouragement for mom to include the kids so that they, too, can learn how to feed a family.  There are MANY lessons to be learned in the kitchen!

Features and benefits:  

  • The work is done for you

  • Easy to follow recipes

  • Healthy food

  • Food from scratch

  • Helps cut down on food bill

  • Each week's meals planned out

  • Easily adaptable to your family

  • Helping hands ideas
Where can you get The ULTIMATE Mom's Meal Planner?  At:  Homeschool Curriculum for Life
How much is it?  $12.95

I am very impressed with this meal planner.  There are numerous benefits to having this resource.  The things that I like most are the work is already done for you and everything is easy to follow!

Who is Wendy Young?  "We are a homeschooling family in South Africa. We have always homeschooled and our children are now 15, 13, 11 and 8 years old."  You can find out more on her website:
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This was not a paid review.  All opinions are my own.

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