Be encouraged! The road ahead...

Be encouraged!  You are doing what is right in the eyes of the LORD and your child!  No-one said that the road ahead will be perfectly paved and bump free!

Questions may swirl through your head.
Am I doing right by my child?
Continue to renew your mind in Christ Jesus.  
Be confident in HIM not yourself!!  Humans fail but God doesn't.  You will doubt yourself but you must remember that you are NOT teaching your child to rely on you - you are teaching him to rely on God!!

Would my child like school better than homeschool?  
It doesn't matter what he would like better.  If it were up to children, they would always eat candy because they like it better than veggies!  That's why God put parents in charge of kids!  When most of the kids (3-6th grade) that my boys know find out that the boys are homeschooled ALL of them have said, "I wish I was."

Show your child all along your homeschooling journey that he is super special. Show him how special he is because he has the whole world as his school room. My boys have never complained that they are homeschooled.  They don't think that they are missing out on anything.
Make sure you do plenty of fun learning activities outside the home so that your child sees that learning doesn't take place only in "school" but in the world.  Homeschooling and learning is a lifestyle!
Keep your eyes and your child's eyes on God and everything will be fine.  Trials and doubts WILL COME, but if your eyes are on God, they will also go!


Terra said...

Thanks for posting. I needed that.

Kela said...

THIS IS very encouraging!! I MUST work on the outside activities this year. With living in SC, there is so much richness all around us. We're only 25 min. from Charlotte and about 45 min. away from our state capital. There were several battlegrounds near our home that I've never visited and we've lived here for 9 years! The older 4 have gone to a few places, but only because they were in PS for a little while.

Cheryl said...

Amen and amen! So very true, great post!


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