Creating a Heart for Missions In Children

I try to create a heart for missions in my kids by mixing God's Word and videos.  I use all kinds of videos to show them what life is like for kids in other parts of the world like Africa, China, and India.  Those are the countries that we have focused on for the past couple of years.

One thing that I don't do is shelter the boys from knowing reality.  I don't fill their minds with images that are extremely graphic but I also don't hold back everything that may be heart-breaking.  For instance, they know that kids in Sudan are often blown to pieces by the rebels but I don't show the photos.  On the other hand, they do see photos of children who are missing arms or legs or both after they have been mended.

I emphasize that the rebels are filled with the devil; that is what drives them. They are dangerous men because they don't care about people, not even their own.  The ONLY hope for these rebellious people, like all rebellious people, is JESUS!

I plan on posting verses, stories, curriculum and videos to help you point your children in the right direction in order to cultivate a heart for missions.  People everywhere need JESUS!

After your children get some understanding of kids in other countries and what they go through on a daily basis, I believe that their hearts will be pricked by the Holy Spirit and they will have a desire to help others know their JESUS!

JESUS brings HOPE!

Links to photos used here:
Google Images 1
Stolen Childhood
World Street Children News

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