I Am So Blessed...and proud!

We are participating in Passport to India, a project headed up by SonLight Curriculum.  (It's FREE to participate and it's not too late.  You just start on day 1.)

Twice a week they send us a link to the latest video.  My boys (ages 14 and 11 1/2) and look forward to sitting down together to learn about India!  Even Espressos heart has been touched and he isn't the sensitive type!

Tuesday, I pulled out the little suitcase that is part of the kit that comes in the mail.  It's a little bank that you can use to collect and raise funds for the Children's Bible Club.  I helped Double Espresso take down notes for his fundraising speech.  He wanted to raise money at church that night.  Espresso is a behind the scenes / technical kind -a- guy and found photos for the big screens that went along with the speech.

The time for church came and Double Espresso clipped on his lapel mic and got busy. Even though he has been sharing verses from the pulpit every Sunday night, I could tell he was a little nervous.  As he spoke, Espresso was flashing the photos of children in India on the screen.  I could hear people express their emotions out loud as their hearts were being touched.

As soon as people realized he was raising money, I heard wallets and purses being whipped out and before I new it, the suitcase was being passed around and filled up!

The whole thing might have lasted 4 minutes but they managed to raise $47!  Since that was so successful, they want to pass the suitcase around on Sunday morning!  They'll have to get that approved by Pastor Dad.

I can't wait to see how this ends up impacting the boys.

You can join in the fun too!  Go to:  Passport to India

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Luke said...

That is super cool. Thanks for sharing! I can't wait to see how My Passport to India ends up impacting both us here and those in India as well. [smile]



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