How do you challenge your kids?

Are your kids challenged in life?  Do you give your child responsibilities and expect them to rise to the challenge?    At Raising Real Men, they said that about 200 years ago, 14 year old boys were captaining ships!  Now, I'm not sticking my 14 year old on a ship, but I am making a point to try and challenge him and his 11 year old brother.

On Saturday, my husband (who does a lot of the cooking around here) wasn't home all day and I had several things that I needed to get done.  I wanted the house straightened up for when he came home, dinner needed made, and I was in the middle of making curtains for the kitchen.

I decided to challenge the boys.  I had them pick chicken off the bones and make a casserole!  They rose to the challenge (never having done that before) and it was delicious!

I know that this was kind of a strange challenge for little boys but they didn't complain and did their best.

How do you challenge your kids?

challenge kids

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Cheryl said...

That's wonderful! I try to let my boys become men but it is difficult. Hubby continually reminds me of what young men used to do and it's so true. They are capable of more than I expect :)


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