Is Your Homeschool Changing?

A lot of homeschoolers change their approach or curriculum at the new year.  How about you?  Are you changing some things?

I plan on changing a few things.  We are going to start science and will be using the textbook approach.  I don't usually use textbooks, just don't like 'em.  I think I'd like my kids to know how and what it's like to use a textbook for learning. 

For history, we will be using a unit study: Learning Adventures.  This is totally normal for us because I like it when we learn together.  We are going back to world history because I STILL haven't found anything I like for U. S. History.  : (

So, how 'bout you?


MiaZagora said...

Janet - look at this for American History:

I don't know if you will like it or not. We HAVE it, but just haven't used it yet.

Very Blessed Mamma said...

This year I have been so busy reviewing curriculum, for The Old Shchoolhouse Homeschool Review Crew, that I have hardly had any time to do anything else.
I have came across some wonderful products though.
And i'm with you on the textbooks, at least for the most part.

Anonymous said...

I pulled DS from private Christian School to be home schooled 2nd semester. He's 5th grade and we are using his old school texts because that's easier than purchasing and using half of a curriculum.

For science, we use the 5th grade science book produced by Christian Schools Intl and so far, suing the text has been surprisingly easy and fun.

We just completed a unit on structures and I supplemented that study with a book titled Bridges!.

We built and tested a Popsicle stick truss bridge and tested various structure shapes. The science unit was a blast. We will do units on the periodic table, light, insects, and maybe electricity if time permits.

For history, I'm nabbing information from several sources and the Teacher's File Box site. We are studying Washington to events leading up to the Civil War.

I'm using words from the science and history units for spelling as well as teaching outlining. He keeps journals too.

Anonymous said...

We just stated homeschooling grade 5 second semester so we use texts frequently. We especially use texts for 5th grade science and history with journaling and heavy supplementation.

The Christian Schools Intl grade 5 Science is a cheap, basic book that lends itself easily to supplementation and experiments. We just completed the structures unit using the text and a book called Bridges! and loved it.

Apologia Science is very good with a heavy emphasis on journaling and Mr. Q has free units and a sale starting today.

Becky said...

Loved using Learning Adventures! : ) Enjoy!


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