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I find it so interesting.  Whenever I talk to kids who attend traditional school and they find out that we homeschool, they always say that they wished they were homeschooled.  It seems as though the stereotypes about homeschooling actually come from the adults, not the students!

I met a 17 year old girl the other day.  She is a typical teen, cute as can be, texting cell phone in hand, has plenty of friends at school, and attends a large public school.  She's not sure what she wants to "be" when she grows up.  Actually, she changes her thoughts on that quite often, but she did mention that she would like to be homeschooled.  How strange, I thought...  Unfortunately, she is in a circumstance that would make it very difficult to be homeschooled.  At 17, for me, it would have been WONDERFUL to have been homeschooled!

Tell your kids that they are BLESSED!

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Kayla said...

very true our neighbors tell us that often, because they have seen the things we do daily and love it... xoxo new follower, thanks a ton for stopping by my blog!

MiaZagora said...

We live in a generally homeschool-friendly area, with a large number of homeschoolers and homeschooling groups, and several local businesses/attractions that cater to homeschooling (such as the YMCA, the local zoo, aquarium, children's museum, art museum, etc.) But, I co-teach a Kindergarten Sunday School class and I heard the children talking to each other. One little boy told a girl that she did NOT know how to read because she was homeschooled and she doesn't go to REAL school. My daughter piped up and said she could read and she is homeschooled, and most of the other kids chimed in because most of the kids in our class just happen to be homeschooled. The little boy just said, "Oh, okay." and they played like nothing was said.

I'm sure he just heard from somewhere that there is homeschool and "real" school, and just assumed homeschool isn't "real" school. But the other kids didn't get all bent out of shape, like a lot of adults would (me?).

Becky said...

Almost all the teens I meet say that same thing, which surprises me. Whereas a lot of the adults I meet say "I could never do that."


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