What are some of the privileges of being in a family?

(Written with much sarcasm.)
I thought I'd give the boys a chance to be productive members of our family.
They got to pull chicken off of the bone so we can have lunch tomorrow!

This was actually the second time they have gotten this privilege.  
No, they weren't really happy about it.
I told them that they are lucky to have a mom who
does more for them than just monitoring their movies! 
(Some moms don't even do that!)

When they were finished (and they did an excellent job), 
I told them that they could hug me and thank me
for having them pull chicken... and they did. :)

Do you allow your children to participate in such wonderful activities?

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Christy said...

Oh yes! My boys get to clean toilets, do their own laundry, wash dishes, vacuum, and many more fantastic things. They know they are "privileged". ;)


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