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This is my first entry in The Homeschool Mother's Journal!  If you decide to follow me, let me know so I can follow you back! 

In my life this week...  I have felt a little frustrated and intimidated.  Frustrated because I didn't get a whole lot done (at least it doesn't feel like it), and intimidated because I think God has some big plans for me and they are... well... intimidating! 

In our homeschool this week... I've been searching for a great but inexpensive/free writing program to use.  I'd like it to be somewhat simple, maybe even workbook based.  Know of anything like that?
Places we're going and people we're seeing... Espresso (14) got to go to the mega church and be tutored in video production for 4 hours!  He got to operate a real video camera and use a "Mac" to practice editing.  This was a HUGE blessing.

My favorite thing this week was... A couple of days of great weather!

What's working/not working for us... Working:  The Bible, Pre-Algebra from, ABeka Math Workbook grade 6, Apologia Science, Scott Foresman Reading for grade 6, and free physics books from CK-12 Flexbooks.

Not working:  Looking for a good writing program and something great for History. 

Homeschool questions/thoughts I have... Do you always get bored this time of year?  I do.  I think we need to get out more!

A photo, video, link, or quote to share... I'm starting to like delight directed homeschooling for Espresso.  Now to figure out how to do transcripts for that.


"Say What?" said...

I've felt kinda blah a lot, especially last month for some reason. I think we all have "Spring Break" on our mind. The winter was just too long.

~Visiting from The Homeschool Mother's Journal

Our Family Blessed said...

I tend to get bored and antcy this time of year, as well. I think it's from being stuck inside for most of the winter. Fortunately, spring is right around the corner!



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