Education For the Whole Family ~ Bird Feeding

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Bird watching isn't just for old people!  (That's what I'm telling myself.) 

Items needed:
1 shepherd's hook
1 bird feeder

I had Double Espresso put a shepherd's hook just outside our living room window, and I purchased a bird feeding block that he hung on the hook.

Even though it was winter in Chicagoland, the birds still came.  Cardinals, Blue Jays, and Finches stick around and are hungry! 

Before long, the birds discovered our food and came right up to our window to eat.  We got mostly Cardinals on our feeder.  I suppose that's because of the type of seed that I put out. 

It's very exciting for the boys to be sitting there doing their math and watching the birds eat outside the window!

Do you feed the birds?

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Carrie said...

Yes! We too feed birds! My youngest (20MO) loves to spot them in the backyard where our feeder hung off the deck railing until someone (or something) knocked it down. Soon, we'll head out to WalMart and buy a new hummingbird feeder to take its place. Last year was our first year of watching hummingbirds and we loved it! Bird watching is so fun (and it's fun to try to find the birds we see in a field guide) that I vow to always have some type of feeder in the yard. Happy watching!


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