Recently, a homeschool mom mentioned that she was becoming frustrated and her children were't liking their curriculum.

Here is what I suggested:

It's easy to become frustrated in homeschooling.  I've always homeschooled and my kids are 15 and 12 1/2.  One thing that helps is to change things up for a while.  I use Time4Learning for that!  It's very fun and kids do learn from it.  Son 2 really likes it and we keep him subscribed.  It offers language arts, math, reading, writing, social studies, science (we don't use the science), etc.  

You can watch a lesson demo on their website: www.time4learning.com.  You can pick grade levels for each subject which is great and you don't have to do every subject.  

If you decide to sign up, would you please say that I referred you?  I get a bonus for that.  My name is Janet Powers www.homeiscool4u at yahoo.com

Also, another thing that helps is to just take a month off!  Remember, it's your homeschool and you can run it the way you want to.  You can do field trips as a family, play board games together, watch the Discovery channel, rent educational movies, play learning games on the computer like www.funbrain.com.  You could do art lesson on YouTube or even music lessons.  The possibilities are endless!  

We've taken time off and it is refreshing for everyone.  

If you need more encouragement, I'd love to chat.

:) Blessings,



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