College Textbook Rental Brings Smiles to Children

When you see the little ones with the crooked smiles, don't they just touch your heart?  What I mean by crooked smiles is cleft lip smiles.  Operation Smile provides surgeries for children whose families can't afford it and  is supported by Campus Book Rentals.

You, too, can make a difference by renting your textbook from Campus Book Rentals!

Campus Book Rentals will donate a portion of their proceeds to Operation Smile with the hopes of providing at least 1000 smile surgeries this year.

Renting textbooks saves families money!  Check out the price difference on this Algebra book:  Algebra  Purchasing the book will cost $91.96 and renting it will only cost $26.13!

I am excited to hear about this.  It brings a little relief to the thought of the college expenses for us in the very near future.

This is how it works:

Other perks:

As a homeschool mom, this is important to me.  Not only do our kids need the right books, but in getting them, we can help others which is part of what we teach in our homeschool; having a generous spirit of giving.  My boys aren't in college yet but are well on their way, and I am happy to partner with Campus Book Rentals in getting the word out about the benefits of renting books and Operation Smile!

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