A Little Plug

Ok... two little plugs!

One is a thought for eclectic or dare I say... unschooling methods of homeschooling.  When your children are learning things that interest them, it's more difficult to get to the point of burnout!  ;)  I realize that they aren't going to "like" everything that they need to learn BUT, it does help if much of it is actually interesting to each of their individual tastes!

Here is a great example of that.  I like to do work with my hands.  I am naturally artistic and love unusual things.  If I were forced to learn accounting or tax preparation, I am quite capable of doing it BUT... It is definitely not something that I care to do nor would it spur on my creativity that comes naturally.  Know this, I am very thankful for my accountant/CPA!

With that being said (seocond plug), check out my BRAND NEW jewelry store!  I finally have my own business (and yes, I have to do some accounting).  I love being creative and given the privilege of making custom designs as well.  If you have something in mind or a favorite Bible verse, give me a shout out.

Everything Beautiful ~ Jewelry by Janet Powers:

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