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(MY glasses!)

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I couldn't be more excited to introduce to you!  I was invited to order a pair of glasses for review and I can honestly say it was my privilege.

I want to start off by saying, I like, like, like these glasses!  Everyone that sees them compliments me on how nice they are!

At first I thought it would be difficult purchasing glasses online, but I was open to it since I had previously purchased contacts online.  Turns out that it wasn't difficult at all!

The most complicated part of the process was deciding which pair to go with.  Although I know my style and what I like, there were several really great pairs which made the decision... well... fun!

My process:

  1. Pick out ONE pair of glasses
  2. Make sure the dimensions/millimeters were right for my face (I based this off of my old glasses)
  3. Measure the distance in millimeters between my 2 pupils (I did this with a clear ruler which worked GREAT)
  4. Printed the PDF picture of actual size of glasses and put my old ones on top to see the difference
  5. All was well so I clicked to order and put in my prescription numbers
  6. I chose my type of lenses (Free ~ single vision)
  7. Decided to get the anti-reflective coating for an extra $25 (from what I've read, that is a wise decision)
  8. Then, I checked out!
  9. Got my glasses in the mail very quickly, put them on, perfect fit, receive compliments every time I wear them!
So, you want honesty.  It was allll wonderful except one thing.  At the end, when I clicked on the extra info links (like how to read my prescription) the X button was too far up on the page and I had to click the back button.  This was a technical issue not at all related to their glasses.  They seemed to fix that a bit so it shouldn't be an inconvenience to you!

It was really as simple as that!

You can order yours today with this coupon code:
Coupon Code for 10% off:  HB2012 offers

Would you like to win a pair of FREE glasses (up to a $75 value)?

Giveaway Rules:

Manditory (good for 2 entries):  

  • Post a link to any pair of glasses you like (from 39DollarGlasses) in your comment and include your email address
  • Like 39DollarGlasses on Facebook (if you have one)

Extra Entries:  

That is a total of 7 possible chances to win!

The Fine Print:
Winner will be chosen via on Saturday, May 12, 2012 and will be notified via email.  If you do not respond to the winning email within 24 hours, a new winner will be chosen.  Open to United States and Canada.  This is my honest review for which I was given a free pair of glasses.  Thank you for participating!

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