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Missional Mama has a wonderful post "Planning Our Homeschool Year."  She gives a pretty detailed explanation of how she goes about planning.  Check it out; you may find something helpful for your homeschool.

In Missional Mama's post, she asked, "How do you plan?"  So, I decided to take my answer and post it on my blog as well so that it, too, may inspire you.

Our planning goes a little something like this:  I pray and ask God for the right items for our boys then I trust Him.  They are each unique individuals that learn differently. Little by little I come across books/eBooks we already have, companies contact me and give me free items to review that are great for my kids, and lastly, I find free stuff online such as video classes or eBooks.  Before I know it, our homeschool year is set up!  

So basically, I trust God and He does it.  LOL!  

After I get all, or most, of our ducks in a row, I use the TOS Homeschool Planner "daily schedule"  and insert the subjects that I want the boys to do everyday.  After I make their lists, I print it out and they are then responsible for following it.

Now, my boys are older so they are quite capable of following a schedule. I know that the way we do school isn't the way most homeschoolers do it.  ...and that's ok!  It's our homeschool.  ;)  They get the freedom to use the items that we have found, and other resources such as YouTube and the library, to learn the basics that they have to learn (reading, writing, math) and then they get to explore and have some freedom to learn the things that they want to learn.

It works for us!

What works for you?  How do you go about scheduling your homeschool?

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Missional Mama said...

Thanks for the shout out! The great thing about homeschooling is that we can all do things a little different. I like how you pull from lots of different places. It sounds fun to me.

Amy @ Missional Mama


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