Have You Ever?

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Have you ever asked your kids what would they like to learn about?

Of course, they have to learn to read.
Of course, they have to learn arithmetic.
Of course, they have to learn the basics of education.

But, is there a particular subject or topic that they crave?  A topic that they'd absolutely LOVE to learn about?

Why not let them?

It's quite possible that the thing they want to learn about the most, very well may be the thing that drives them later in life.  It may even be the thing that God has called them to... the very way He has specially wired them.

So, what do your kids want to learn?

My Boys
Double Espresso (13) has been really into art, cooking, baking, and science experiments.

Espresso (16) has been into physics, motion graphics, and visual effects.

(Photo Copyright 2012 Janet Powers)


Jan Mader said...

I couldn't agree more. Find kids' passions and work the rest around that!!

Jake the Snake said...

This is such a great idea. I think it would be interesting for parents to post what their kids' responses are.

Kat said...

Great post! And 13yo son and your 13yo have the exact same interests. Right now anyway, lol.

My son even downloaded the app Evernote on his iPad just so he could jot down recipes (recipes he's come across and ones he's created on his own) and project ideas as they come to him when he's away from his computer. His birthday party this year was at a local pottery place and he's seen EVERY. SINGLE. episode of Mythbusters, lol!

We do use an online curriculum, but I did take a more interest led approach a couple of years ago and our homeschool journey has been much smoother since. ;)

Thanks for sharing!

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