Messianic Prophecy for Kids by Brynn Padrick - Book Review

Don't let the title of this book fool you!  Messianic prophecy may be a deep subject to some, but Brynn Padrick makes it all so easily understood as she guides us... I mean the kids... through the Hebrew Scriptures to show God's truth about the Messiah (Jesus).

Brynn Padrick, the author of Messianic Prophecy for Kids, gives us a gimps into her world where she raises sheep and weaves on a loom.  Mrs. Padrick is the mother of three grown children and loves teach children of the Messiah and to weave.

Brynn has two naughty sheep of whom she tells us about in her book.  That happens to be my favorite part!  She uses her sheep, complete with pics and humor, to tell us about the Messiah in the book of Isaiah.

Messianic Prophecy for Kids is just that... for kids.  It is written in such a way that most 9-15 year olds will understand it perfectly. But this book isn't just for reading, it includes a little bit of math, fill in the blanks, places to draw, Scripture memorizing, plenty of questions, and of course underlining with beautiful colors or "threads."

My opinion:
Great book!  I love how she wrote it in a conversation like style. Homeschool moms will enjoy going through this book with their children as it covers a multitude of ways to learn and a strong emphasis on Scripture.  I like that she uses the New American Standard Version and conveniently has the Scriptures right there in the book.

I believe the kids will love the sheep as well, and see the Messiah (Jesus) very clearly in the Hebrew Scriptures.  They may even take up a new hobby as Brynn Padrick shows them how to weave on a loom!

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