What are you creating in your "home educating" lifestyle?

How many homeschoolers do you know?  Do you know their children very well or do you mostly just associate with the parents?  Do you know your children very well?

I ask these questions just to get you thinking... and myself as well.  I don't know a lot of homeschool families.  At least not as many as most do.  I've only been part of a co-op or group a couple of times and I've homeschooled our boys for their whole lives (17 years).  They say it's not healthy to go it alone but that's basically what I've done.  Live and learn...

Anyway!  I do know enough homeschool families to observe their "style" and the attitudes of their children.  It has been my observation that the kids whose parents have chosen to do a strict "school at home" or sit the child down to a teaching video.... learn this... learn that... type of style, are resentful.  The children I know, from about 3rd grade up to now graduated, don't want to be homeschooled or wish they weren't.

Many of those families have created resentment, bitterness, rebellion... That's the sad news, but there is hope!

If our children aren't learning "the way THEY should go" and are only learning what has been pre-
programmed and put in front of them, how could they be happy?

There are so many learning styles and topics that interest us all as individuals, that if we all have to learn the same stuff, the same way, MANY will feel unfulfilled and not happy with their education.

 Unfortunately, I wasn't taught that learning is a lifestyle nor was I encouraged to pursue to learn about things that I am interested in.  As an adult who graduated from a less that great public school, I have supernaturally acquired the desire to continue to learn!  I am so excited about learning now that I can learn (for the rest of my life) on my own terms!

I can, and do, learn everyday in the way that God made me!  Say I want to learn a new jewelry
making technique (I do own my own business: and someone tells me that I have to learn "this particular" technique.  Not only that, but I have to sit down to a text book and read how to make this new design using only this book.  Well, chances are, I won't be learning that technique!  That's not how I was wired!

How can we expect our children to learn this and learn that and do it only this particular way when God has wired us all so differently?

I understand that people NEED to be educated but why does it have to be so stringent?  Why can't
we loosen up a bit and let our children learn... REALLY learn?

I want to challenge you with this:

Pick one day a week... say Friday's... and let your child learn whatever they want and however they want.

If they learn best by doing, let them pick a topic and make a lapbook!
If they learn best by seeing, let them pick a topic and watch videos.
If they learn best by reading, let them pick a topic, go to the library and get a bunch of books!

Then, after a few weeks of LETTING your child learn, ask them questions and let them give you an oral report.  Don't bug them every week.  Don't let them know it's an oral report.  Just let them tell you what they have learned about the topic that they chose.

I believe you will be amazed.  Your child will blossom.  You will spark a love for learning when your child gets to learn about what interests them in the way that "he should go."

If you try this, I'd like to hear about it.  Leave a comment ok?!


Jennifer S said...

Hi! I'm a homeschooling mother of four young kids, ranging in age from 9 to 2. We've always been a predominantly unschooling sort of tribe here...using online curriculum that the kids enjoy to work on some basics and otherwise just letting their love of learning dictate our daily path.

We stick with time4learning and Reading Eggs, but the kids never seem to mind the time spent on these tasks.

My eldest, now 9, loves games and stuffed animals...and decided to open a claw machine vending business as a result. She's in the process of making sales presentations to local businesses to try to get her machine placed. She worked her tail off to raise the money she needed to buy the machine.

To me, that's what unschooling does -- it allows kids to reach their full potential, which is frequently far beyond what we believe it to be.

Miss Janet said...

Jennifer, that is super cool! I'd love to know more about your daughter and her machine. Please keep me posted.



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