The Eclectic Homeschooler

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The eclectic homeschooler uses many different means for homeschooling. This is the method that a lot of hsers use. I will give you an example of what we used to do:

6th grade:
*Reading- books of interest from Amazon
*Math- Abeka workbook (Abeka samples)
*Language Arts- Switched On Schoolhouse
*Science- Microscopic Explorations
*History- The Mystery of History, The History Channel, museum field trips

Sometimes, we would take a break from our regular routine and make worksheets online to learn about a particular subject. Such as: Skeletons

Eclectic hsers are relaxed in their approach so that if their child gets stuck on a particular subject, they can stay on that topic as long as the child needs. Also, they utilize co-ops, field trips, and online activities.

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