I am so happy to help! In the past few weeks several people have come to me wondering about homeschooling or considering homeschooling. I consider it a privilege to help you!

First, would you please read. Read everything you can about the different methods or ways to homeschool. I've got several links on this website that will help you begin. You also need to read what the laws are in your state. HSLDA

Also, I hope that you would pray and ask God to lead you in the right direction. The Bible says that Jesus loves the children. After all, it was He that created them and He knows best what they need!

If you are someone whom I am working with outside of this blog, please be in contact with me.


Homeschooling Approaches


Jan Mader said...

I think the homeschooling network is awesome...because of people like you.

Let me know what kind of writing activities will help you. That will help to guide what I do.

Talk to you soon...

Yolanda said...

It was a joy to have you slip in and I pray that when you did that you were enjoying some coffee and reflecting on the goodness of God. I love the preciousness of your two Espresso's.

Also, I'm headed to listen to Conjunction Jct. I can so remember those School Rock commercians. A little "diddy" is running through my mind already.


Jan Mader said...

Here's an easy one for you and the Espressos....Go outside. Inhale and exhale. Focus on your sense of smell. Let the Expressos know you're trying to smell spring.

Hmmm...what does spring smell like? An
idea(s) will come to your mind. Don't share yet. Each of you come back inside and write your own sentence and compare your answers.

That will get you started! Hopefully, it's a little sunny and a little warm and you can at least smell grass growing!

Let me know! Jan

PS...Not to worry...lots of people don't read fiction. EVERYONE has an imagination. We just need to get it unlocked. I can't teach anyone to write and no one can teach me. What we can do is unlock what's already inside each of us...our crativity.

Having fun is the best way to do that...honest! Jan

Jan Mader said...

Oops..please add an "e" to crEativity for me...

Ruralmama said...

Good for you! I keep running into people with excuses so it's nice to hear of someone out there that is getting questions about how to start, etc. Awesome!


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