What is a lapbook?

"Lapbooks are a great hands-on tool to reinforce and review lessons. Basically, you take an average file folder, re-fold it, add a multitude of information in various folded books (called minit books), and you've got a lapbook. This is a case of "a picture is worth a thousand words"(Homeschoolshare.com)

You can also take a poster board and cut it and fold flaps over to make the lapbook shell. Then, cram it full of information that the kids have studied. As they go over the info with people that they are showing the lapbook to, the repetition will help them remember!

This is such a fun way to reinforce something that your kids have studied. Lapbooks are fun for any age. Some children just learn better by using creativity.

If you are creative too, you could just print the templates out for the minit books (little tiny mini books) and help your child organize his info onto the books. If you are creativity challenged, there are MANY lapbooks to choose from on the net.
Edited to add: I've actually inspired myself by writing this post! We are going to start a lapbook for the study of Egypt that we are doing. (LOL)

You can view samples of lapbooks here and also on YOUTUBE.
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Free lapbooks:
Lapbook templates for sale:
Have fun!!


Ruralmama said...

I've always wanted to try lapbooking because it looks like so much fun but I've got a confession to make: it kind of scares me! If you're willing to give it a shot and devote a post to it, then I'm willing to check out what's involved and perchance jump on board! Thanks!
Sarah from Class

Tricia said...

We're trying lapbooks for the first time this year with science. Our family (of four kids) has mixed reviews. Some of them like it... others don't. I really like the concept (kind of like scrapbooking) but we aren't being as creative with it as I'd like. It takes time and lately we're feeling rushed.... That's my experience so far w/ it!


Jan Mader said...

Question...Nothing to do with lapbooking (even though I think it's very cool).

Do you think I should start a blog strictly for homeschooling parents and teachers? Your question this morning made me think about it a little.

Give it some thought (and ask other homeschoolers). I'll give it some thought too. Jan

Latte said...

Latte Lady (cool name by the way) I have not considered the Daniel diet, and at this point I will not do it. However once I am better it looks like a great type of fast to try!

I am a lapbook wanna be...maybe someday!

Daughter of the King said...

Oh, dear. I am being reminded by your blog tonight of what a big procrastinator I am! LOL!! Yes, lapbooks. . .another thing I've been meaning to do for three years.

I bet if I just did one, the rest would be easier, right? I don't know why I think it would be difficult, but that's what's in my brain!


lindaslongview said...

Great idea and suggestion. Sounds like a winner. I liked the picture of the colored pencils -- it caught my attention.

momtofivekids said...

We started lapbooking/notebooking last year and we love it!

Daughter of the King said...

FYI, I just printed off some lapbook stuff from the Homeschool Share website you provided. Yahoooo! :)

Ruralmama said...


I just linked to you! Check it out here


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