Nature Walk - Wabash River

Monday we went on a nature walk near the Wabash River. It was so gray and brown with nothing green; no leaves, no flowers. It doesn't sound like it but it was so beautiful! I loved every minute of exploring God's creation with our family.

Let me encourage you to go on a nature walk with your kids. Take in deep breaths of fresh air, look at the mud for prints, see if you can find some buds starting, and maybe even see an animal!
Here are some pics of what we found:
Two Espressos on a bouncing bridge!

Evidence! Something was eating corn and left a little behind!
Prints! These were about 6 feet away from the corn!
The rest of the prints were found about 10 feet away from the river's edge.
We found lots of nice places that animals may live.We are hoping to find out what those prints are. I am planning on getting a field guide from the library this week to look them up. If you know what they are, please leave a comment and let us know! Thank you!


Daughter of the King said...

Love it! I have always *thought* about having the kids keep nature journals, but do you think I've ever done it? Um, no. :}

Maybe this spring/summer? :)

Jan Mader said...

Love the Espressos. You are all getting quite creative. I understand the "same answer" part. My husband and I have been married for over 30 years. We tend to think alike!

Using your senses for anything at all will inspire creative can use it along with any subject, math, history...

lindaslongview said...

I breathed deeply with you! Thanks for the post.

H-Mama said...

I'm loving the theme of your page... very creative. :) Cute!

All moms need to laugh with the 'Mom Song'... you must watch it!

Latte Lady said...

Oh, you girls are so encouraging!

I am thinking about having the Espressos keep a nature journal, too. Especially now that the snow in the midwest has gone away. (Momma don't like to be cold!)

topsytechie said...

Definitely look like raccoon prints to me! The blog is really growing and improving. Kudos on how far you have come. Already have 8 followers?! Wow! Keep on writing...

SueC said...

Your blog always looks so warm and inviting - makes me want to visit your 'cafe' for a coffee! It's a great time of year for doing nature trails. I noticed the blue bells are starting to emerge in the woods behind my house - they'll be a beautiful blue carpet by end of April. Can't wait!


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