Nature Journal

The subject of keeping a nature journal
came up so I thought I would ask
if any of you have your kids keep one?
If so, please tell us about it and give us some tips!


Seeking Him, Megan said...
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Ruralmama said...

We keep a weather journal as a component to our new found joy--lapbooking (thanks to you!). It's pretty basic--calendar style with different weather symbol "stickers" to glue in for each day.

I've considered a bird journal as well, because we have everything from juncos to turkeys in our backyard. We've even had a Great Grey Owl that flew in for a late-morning breakfast. Cool!

Jan Mader said...

This is totally off the usual subject, but I'm in the process of writing (on assignment) for Columbus Parent Magazine. The title of the piece I'm writing is: Spirituality in Kids.

One of the questions is: How do you teach kids the value of prayer. I need to be able to directly quote a couple parents. If you are comfortable with me doing that, please email me at

Another question I have to address is: How do parents teach kids about different religons.

Any help you (or anyone else) can give will be greatly appreciated.

Again, I'll need to quote you or anyone else in the article, so I need to make sure you're comfortable with that.

You can check out Columbus Parent online....Jan


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