TOS We-Ebook Review

We-Ebooks are a line of 30 mini-ebooks on the TOS website. The books are short reads compared to a traditional ebook and are only $1.95 each! The subjects range from guides for preschool education, helping your child "get" math, to career exploration for highschoolers and everything in between.

When you download a We-Ebook, you can view it instantly on your computer and they are short enough to read in just a few minutes. These would be great books to print up and throw them in your diaper bag or purse to read while waiting in lines or while your kiddie is at piano practice! There may be a topic that would help someone that you know. Just download and print a We-Ebook and (after you've read it) give it away to help a friend!

We-Ebooks may be small but they pack a punch! They are skillfully written and are full of great advise and experience. The We-Ebooks that I read had colorful word pictures, honesty and really got to the heart of the issue.

What a great line to help people in their homeschools and family lives!

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