The Kitchen Is Closed!

That's right! Dream Late came up with a GREAT idea that has stuck and was only said once! Often, the 2 Espressos decide to do things like, make a bagel at 9:29PM when bedtime is at 9:30. Dream Late thought he would put an end to this (after oh.... 10 years or so) and announced at 9:00 that, "The kitchen is closed at 9:10!!"
Every night at 9:00 the 2 Espressos scramble for the refrigerator because DAD SAID, "The kitchen is closed at 9:10!!" Even on Friday night when bedtime is later, they think that the kitchen is closed at 9:10! It's so funny! Like we wrote it in stone or something.
Sure, you can use this idea free of charge. I believe water is held in the kitchen and it would probably work for that common bedtime excuse too!


Jan Mader said...
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Jan Mader said...

The Lord was the first person I talked me.

Really, all I need to know right now, is if you and other parents would purchase the book for your kids if I self-published. It's just kind of a little survey. I might even be able to get another publisher interested in this original story if I have enough respons so.....PLEASE SHARE my tale of woe and ask any homeschoolers (or friends with kids) to leave a comment for me.

Thank you so much for helping me spread the word. Also, if you notice Tango and Tilly anywhere on the internet, please let me know where. I'm in the process of sending "STOP IT" letters right now. Can you believe it????

Summer said...

great idea!


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