Unit Studies

The unit study approach is when you take a specific topic and all of your studies (usually except math) are done around that topic. For instance, if a child is interested in the Civil War time period, he would read books on the Civil War, stories, and watch movies. His writing assignments and spelling words would revolve around the Civil War. He would do craft projects and study life in the Civil War time period.

Some people take the time to develop and write their own unit study. Most people I know aren't that ambitious! There are many unit studies to choose from. Some cost plenty of money and others are TOTALLY FREE!! I chose a unit study that was somewhere in the middle! (More about Learning Adventures)
There are several reasons why I went with a unit study this year. I can educate both Espressos at the same time. With unit studies, it is easy to adjust to multiple grade levels. The espressos are 2 grade levels apart and do GREAT! Also, it creates a desire to learn and makes learning fun. That was my real goal. To create a desire to learn and it is working!


The unit study that we use: Learning Adventures (my review on LA)
Free: The Homeschool Mom Homeschool Helper Easy Fun School Fun Schooler Oklahoma Homeschool

Unit studies for purchase: Konos Christian Cottage My Father's World

Unit study reviews: Kathy Duffy


Jan Mader said...

Hi! Your blog caught my eye because you're a homeschooler and interested in language arts.

I'm a children's author and post frequent writing activities for teachers, parents, and writers. Please stop by and visit! Lots of other homeschoolers are writing with me....

Jan Mader said...

Thank you!
I just got through presenting to a group of teachers who are working on their Master's degrees tonight. I shared my blog with them and told them about all the creativity that homeschoolers have. You guys are amazing. Please share my blog with others. I would love to know how the exercises work with your kids.

With your permission, from time to time, I may share what you and your kids write when I do author-in-school visits or teacher in-servies. I like to let new people know that up front. Let me know if that's okay!

Jan Mader said...

The LAST thing I worry about is spelling. I honestly don't believe you can "teach" children to write. I think you can create an atmosphere where children learn to play with words and find joy in language.

These kids want to write! Creative parents grow creative kids. Revision has a place, but not at first!

I'm not a great speller either...I just love to write!

I see you're a night owl too!

Seeking Him, Megan said...

I think unit studies are a great idea. We are sort of doing that, Mikaela is 6 and Eli is 3 1/2. We do it with our Bible time. I read a chapter out of Genesis each day. Mikaela has to write a verse and draw a picture in her journal. Eli just draws. And we made creation lap books; the 5 senses lap books (for God created people). Very simple right now while they are so young. But I plan on doing unit studies alot!


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