Learning Adventures Unit Study

Have I told you lately how much I love.... Learning Adventures? This is a new curriculum that we just started 2 weeks ago. The author is a hs mom from Indiana and she graduated from Olivette University. She originally wrote the study for her son so I know it was written with love.

What have we experienced?

The first section is on Egypt. It starts off by reading a chapter out of Genesis (the Bible) everyday and the reading is on Joseph. Joseph was sold as a slave by his brothers and ended up in Egypt. The lessons for the rest of the subjects revolve around Egypt.

How does it break down?

Bible- story and questions on Joseph
Science- reading about the desert and camels, and building a diorama of the Nile River
History- reading about ancient Egyptians
Character training- discussing Joseph and the great forgiveness he had for his brothers
Language arts- writing assignments on characters, plot, rising action, climax and falling action of the story
Spelling- spelling words are based off of the story - i before e except after c: chief (chief cup bearer in the story)

There are other suggested activities included in the lessons. She has lists of products you will need everyday and books that you will want from the library.

I love the ease of this unit study. Everything is spelled out for the mom "teacher" in a very easy to follow format.

LOVE it!


Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

Your little 'espressos' are just adorable.

You seem very organized and very in touch with your children. It's nice to see moms that homeschool with the Lord taking first priority.

In Him,

Daughter of the King said...

Sounds very cool!!

Looks like you've got some great stuff for me to read!! :)


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