Spring Activities!!

For most of us, I think, SPRING has sprung! Now what? Well, for homeschoolers like myself that means coming out of my cave that I've been hibernating in. (I have a tendency to do that.) I am just aching to get outside and put my bare feet into some sand or go for a warm nature walk!

Here are some great springtime ideas to get the creative juices flowin:

Go for a nature walk.

Take some art supplies outside and make, draw, paint or color what reminds you of spring.

Start a nature journal.

Let the kids use your camera to take pictures of "spring" outside then make a collage of the pictures.

Fly a kite!

Also, Jan Mader has a great writing exercise that anyone can do.
Let us know if you have more spring time ideas or activities!


Ruralmama said...

We do a lot of outdoor yard work in the Spring that includes the kids. Although it's maybe not obviously "fun" the girls find lots of interesting things in the yard that were covered up by leaves. We recently found an 18-inch garter snake that hung out with us for 10 minutes. Very cool.

Jan Mader said...

You are awesome!

Tricia said...

Hi there Vicki. I got to go to the Cincinnati Conference last weekend. I haven't been to a conference in a while. It was well worth it and I'm glad I got to go. We piece together our own curriculum, use the library a lot, and try to use real life as much as possible. The curriculum vendors I do use (sporatically) is Math-U-See, Tapestry of Grace, Queen Homeschool for grammar, and Hooked on Phonics. We are looking forward to being outside more and more as the weather improves. Spring is always a welcomed site.
Take care,

Yolanda said...

I so enjoy the change of the seasons especially Spring and Fall.

H-Mama said...

Hey Latte Lady! Love this.

I'm a former PW. We served in church ministry for many years, so the retreat has been nice. Maybe a blog post for another day? :)

Jan Mader said...

Hey there...Keep your eyes opened...I'm passing on an award for creativity as soon as I can figure out how to do it!

Jan Mader said...

I love what you do for the Homeschool community.
Thanks to my SIL, I've figured out how to leave you the Kreativ Blogger Award! Go here to pick it up:

I enjoy your blog so much!


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