The Bible

Yes, the Holy Bible... What a great book to use in your homeschool! This is the number one best seller and the Word of Truth!

What does it offer for a homeschooler? I think that there are too many answers to this question but I will start and you can follow.

1. A guide for life
2. Love from The Creator
3. Awesome heritage
4. Stories that will rock your world
5. The accounts of the One who died to save your soul
6. Words to live by
7. Poetry
8. Wisdom
9. A great Book to memorize
10. Science
11. Great examples of literature and writing

Would someone else like to add to the list that I started? (I know that it could go on and on forever but please share a bit.)

If you haven't read this book, let us just encourage you to get one and read it! It will rock you to the core! It's like nothing that you have ever read.


Jan Mader said...

Your post speaks volumes...what better Book is there?

And....your comment made me laugh. Besides that....YES YOU COULD WRITE THAT POEM!!

I'm so mad at myself for forgetting who did write it...hopefully it's owner will read my post!

Hope you're feeling better...Jan

Latte said...

I love your list, I don't have too much to add to it, you did a great job!

Oh and the other day you asked what we are doing for provisions/prep on 'change'. For us we are looking at MANY things. We are trying to finish remodeling our house, purge what we don't need and yard sale for what we do need. Here are some of our needs we are trying to fill at yard sales and below that I will list some neat stuff we have found about living without electricity (if it comes to that)

Blankets (lots and lots)
sheet sets
pots and pans (even junky ones for a fire)
cast iron pots and pans
extra silverware
extra clothes for everyone
shoes too
rice and beans
seeds to garden
books on living off the land
books on home health care
books on raising animals
extra health and beauty items

Some stuff we have come up with. Big clay pots can be filled with wet sand then a smaller clay pot with lid sets inside the bigger clay pot and holds food. This is like a refrigerator. The sand keeps stuff cold for days. It's not super cold but really nice.

A giant deep hole in the ground makes a great refrigerator. I think in the old days they called them food cellars. I stream also makes a good refrigerator (just wrap up food into an air tight container, tie it to a string and then place it in a deep hole in the stream.

We all have purchase rifles (one for each family member) and are learning to hunt.

We have a garden this year.

That is all I can think of for now.

Thanks for asking,

Becky said...

Here's one! Memorizing can help you do better in school. We've seen this happen in our family.
I like the story Bill Gothard tells of having really poor grades and even being held back in elementary school. He said he always moved to the next grade on probation. Then an elderly woman challenged him to memorize large portions of scripture and quote to her weekly. His grades became A's.
He says "Every year thereafter, my grades improved in direct proportion to my faithfulness in memorizing and meditating on Scripture." Awesome! He graduated from college years later with honors. PTL!

(sorry my first ever comment was so long! I guess I just love the topic!) ; )


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