Teachable Moments

Just because your school year may be coming to an end, doesn't mean that learning has to end. I'm sure many of you understand that!

I would like to encourage you to take advantage of those "teachable moments". When your child asks a question, makes a comment, when someone else does something terrible, when you see an animal do something interesting or any other time you can grab hold of. Take advantage of that moment and gently guide your child into understanding.

Don't forget to give just enough information that keeps your child interested. Try not to talk their ear off or go on and on. That will only push them away and you may not get as many teachable moments in the future.

If there are other children within your sphere of influence, don't forget to do this with them too. Any time that you can spend talking to a child these days, shows a child that you care. Many children don't have a loving adult in their lives that is willing to have a conversation with them.


H-Mama said...

so, so true! always teaching... always learning.

Jan Mader said...

You are on the money. So many teachable moments pass by...I'm glad you thought to post about this!

Ruralmama said...

This is pretty much the way our "homeschooling curriculum" works. Life is just too abundant not to learn from it.


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