Our Trip To Deep River

We decided to help a single mom at church and take her son for the day. We found a free county park (Deep River Park in Hobart, Indiana) and went there to explore! This is what we found:

First, we came upon a working water wheel. Not sure how old it is.
We didn't go inside, maybe next time!

We found a beautiful gazebo! A lot of people come to this park
to have their wedding photos taken.

We followed the red brick trail and found a large field where they play old fashioned baseball games. Across the field, there is a syrup shack! At this park, they tap maple trees and make syrup! Cool! You can purchase their maple syrup in the store.
Next to the syrup shack is a sawmill. I don't know how this thing
works but it does look dangerous!
Next, we found a creek (Deep River).
"Let's explore!"
"Is the water cold?"

"Hey look! Crawdads!"
Some other kids decided to join in the fun and they all were up to their knees
in no time.
Found one!

"Wow! Look at all of the crawdads we found!"

Time to wash feet so we can head for home.

Other things we found: horse pooh, wasp nests, bird nest, dogs, trails, poison ivy...

It is amazing how educational activities evolve over the course of the day (that was a God thing). I was planning on the boys doing a nature journal while at the park but crawdad hunting and creek exploring took over! It was great!

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Sheri said...

Well, that looks like a very nice place to explore. The crawdads are suppose to make a great stew/soup...never tried it tho. The poison ivy-I could do without....

Have a blessed day


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