Homeschool Schedule

Homeschool schedules can vary drastically from homeschool to homeschool. Parents tend to freak out when it comes to what they should do as far as amount of time in each subject. (myself included some days) I have learned over the years to CHILL OUT! Homeschooling is supposed to be flexible so that you can design your school to fit who you and your children are.

Samples for "school at home" or "eclectic" homeschoolers:
Oklahoma Homeschool sample schedule
About.com daily homeschool schedules
Heart of Wisdom blog homeschool schedule samples

Sample schedule for Charlotte Mason approach:
Sample schedule for 2 children

Samples for "unschoolers":
Besthomeschooling.org homeschool schedule
Typical unschooling days

How about you? What is your day like? Please share!


Ruralmama said...

Thank you for including some unschooling samples as well. I think folk sometimes believe that we do *nothing* at all!

Jan Mader said...

I for one know how much all you homeschoolers do. It's blogs like this one that amaze me...in fact, you are all incredible teachers and parents. Your children are blessed.


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